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ProLEAP is a Flagship Job-oriented Internship driven program that aims to bridge the acute gap between formal education and the industry by supporting organizations in their efforts to groom skilful IT professionals through a virtual platform.


Unleash Your Greatness: Master Your Potential

ProLEAP Academy molds students to excel in today's industry, cultivating expertise not just in technical skills but also in cultural fluency. Positioned as a digital solution, it's tailor-made for navigating the demands of our digital economy



Transform your career trajectory through our immersive and results-driven bootcamp

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Embark on a journey of growth and learning with our enriching internship opportunities

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Summer Internship

Seize the sunny days to ignite your career with our dynamic summer internship program

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Evolve around 10+ Technologies under ProLEAP

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Getting started with Virtualization

Creating and Configuring VMs using VMware/Virtual Box


Getting started with Docker

Virtualization vs Containerization, Installation of Docker on Windows


Geting started with Linux

Unlock the Power of Linux: Your Gateway to Open-Source Mastery Begins Here!


Getting started with AWS

EC2 Instance, S3, LAMBDA (and basic related services


Getting Starting with Python

Basic Programming, Database Management, GUI via Tkinter


Getting started with Kubernetes

Introduction to Kubernetes,Kubernetes Features and Architecture


Getting Starting with Java

Introduction,The Java Environment,Object Oriented Programming

Why ProLEAP ?

Learn Excellent, Act Passionate


Our goal is to make education and experiential skills affordable and accessible to everyone regardless of their disparate economic and educational backgrounds. We empower students to make demands unlike any other platform or institute because curiosity cannot be contained. Learning cannot be boxed in a book. So let’s step ahead and ‘build together’.


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Learn Excellent, Act Passionate


Learn In-Demand Skills

Learn the skills that are relevant to the Industry from Hands-on Trainings, and Projects


Get Hands-On Experience

Get working experience on the salesforce technology with live bootcamps and expert mentoring sessions


Connect with Companies

Eligible candidates get hiring opportunities through career fairs supported by hiring partners


Successful Batches

40 +

Live Projects

1500 +

Happy Interns


Technologies Taught

Introducing ProLEAP Infinity

We are ready to take your responsibility


ProLEAP is a Flagship Job-oriented Internship driven program that aims to bridge the acute gap between formal education and the industry by supporting organizations in their efforts to groom skillful IT professionals through a virtual platform. India operations are supported by our technology partner - Prodevans Technologies with its registered office in Bangalore. Our Vision is to create equal opportunities for current and aspiring IT professionals through virtual mentoring, thereby providing a global talent pool representing all streams of society for tech recruitment. Our Mission is to provide a world-class virtual cloud-based platform to students and professionals for them to develop critical employable skills through mentor-guided programs, thus helping corporates recruit skilled graduating students from ProLEAP.

Full Stack Java Development

Master the art, from front-end finesse to back-end brilliance

In our Full Stack Java Development program, we'll be guiding participants through the complete process of building web applications using Java technologies. This means we'll teach them how to create engaging user interfaces using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and then integrate these front-end elements seamlessly with powerful server-side systems built on Java frameworks like Spring Boot or Java EE. We'll also instruct them on how to manage data effectively using database technologies such as MySQL or PostgreSQL, utilizing tools like JDBC and Hibernate. Additionally, we'll provide hands-on training in deployment strategies, teaching them how to use tools like Docker for containerization and cloud services like AWS or Google Cloud Platform for scalable application hosting. Throughout the program, our aim is to equip participants with the skills and knowledge needed to architect and deploy fully functional, end-to-end web solutions proficiently.


Unleasing the best Individual in You

ProLEAP Academy builds students for the industry, both on a technical and cultural levels. It is a digital solution for a digital Economy.

Virtual Internship Platform

The core of the ProLEAP ecosystem is its robust Virtual Internship Platform.

Expertise in Cross Functional Skills

Along the course of 12 to 16 weeks, the interns will get exposure to on-demand industry tech.

Career and Industry Ready

ProLEAP builds you for the industry, not only on a technical ground but also on a cultural level.


The best online courses you'll find

Getting started with Virtualization-Workstation ESXi510Free
DevOps Administration & Automation20401000
DevOps Tools (Python & Java)20401000
Public Cloud Fundamentals (AWS / Azure)10201000
Container Orchestration (Docker & Kubernetes)10201500
Summer Internship701403999

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Get all at just 3,500 + Virtualization.ProLEAP
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The journey throughout the internship has been quite amazing. It has added new skills in me which has opened up new possibilities for me in the future.It has completely changed the way I work. This internship is definitely a great part for my bright career.

testimonialPranjali GuptaStudent

A wonderful roller coaster ride. I started off with a year ago and no handling processes and Infrastructure on multiple cloud ecosystems for reputed International Clients. I love to involve with Open Source technologies and DevOps Strategies.

testimonial Pruthvi S KumarStudent

Here I gained a new sense of professionalism and a clearer view of what it meant to be in the professional world.I would advise everyone to take the opportunity and do an internship.he amount of knowledge and experience we gained, cannot be compared. I did the right thing.☺️☺️


Leap has planned and systematically scheduled into the journey was awesome in leap 5.0 and gained much knowledge which helped me to build my career!! I am very glad to be a part of leap 5.0 as an intern..I sincerely thank all leap 5.0 organizers !!

testimonialRashmi MogareStudent

I feel so grateful to be a part of prodevans. And proleap gave me a wonderful opportunity to learn about various languages & technologies. Which are required in industries. They teach me from the basics and clear all doubts.

testimonialBidyut NayakStudent

The Leap 5.0 internship is great to me because I learn many things from it like learning Linux, asw,docker and kubernetes and at the ending movement we did some projects as distributed by Deepak mishra sir and we received a certificate of Internship.

testimonialAbhijeet MStudent

I would have to say, this was a very great experience having such a big opportunity to learn from Dinesh Behera, Praveen J, Ankush Sarkar, Biswajeet Panda®, Chandrahasa Vemu and from the CEO himself Deepak Mishra.

testimonialOmkar DamameStudent

I learnt a lot from this internship. The trainers were very supportive and were very skill full in their subject. I really liked it and I would recommend it to anyone.

testimonialPrasad DhupkarStudent
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